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Let us help you achieve peace of mind if you suspect your partner is unfaithful. Our investigators are skilled and trained field surveillance professionals.


HD video, still shots, and detailed written reports are provided to our clients following every surveillance effort.

Insurance Fraud


We serve corporate clients in the Insurance industry by gathering information and conducting surveillance on possible fraud claims.

  • Conduct video surveillance on activities of claimants for workplace accident compensation and possible insurance fraud.

  • Make identity-concealed calls to the claimant house to collect information.

  • Interview neighbors to discover additional information about the claimant.

  • Track activities of claimant through their personal social media networks.

  • Upload video and reports of daily findings

  • Work closely with case managers.

Criminal Investigations​
  • When investigations produce little or no results

  • When you need evidence gathered for criminal defense

  • To collect additional evidence for a criminal case

  • To locate and interview other witnesses to a crime

  • To gather information and impartial facts about a crime

  • Additional surveillance or records searches to collect evidence

Missing Person

Locate a  missing person by allowing our skilled team to investigate the claimants most recent whereabouts and interview last known contacts. We can help you find their current residence, phone number and current place of employment.

Information Look-up
  • See who is calling or texting

  • Run a license plate to confirm ownership information

  • Find address or phone number by providing first and last name

Child Custody

We can help you find and document the facts in complex family law matters. 

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